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Saturday 20.7. UTC
2000-2100 UTC 5980 LSB Finnish show, music, humour, DX topics (Finland, Sweden)
2100-2200/2300 UTC 3990 LSB Finnish show repeat + V-disk nonstop show and SSTV (Europe)
Sunday 21.7. UTC
1900-2000 UTC 3990 AM Finnish show repeat (Finland)
2000-2100 UTC 5980 LSB Finnish show repeat, music, humour, DX topics (Finland, Sweden)

WARNING: In case of thunderstorm broadcast can stop without prior notice!

Reception reports have been answered in 10.7. More reception reports are welcome!


Radio Pikon ohjelmissa on kuultu kaikenlaisia humoreskeja ja muuta huonoilua. Ohessa kokoelma. Tallenna kotikoneelle ja kuuntele.

Radio Piko ID: Kadut kumminkin

Radio Piko ID: QSL-menestys

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Koko perhe Assburgeriin

Jukolan viesti

Pariisin olympialaiset 1924

Melbournen olympialaiset 1956

Rooman olympialaiset 1960

Lasse Viren saapuu kotimaahan 1972

English FAQ

Why Radio Piko?
- Because it would be nice to transmit something else than FT8 magic flute while I am at transmitter.

What is the target area and who are the listeners?
- With licensed power of 10 watts the target area is Finland and Finnish radio hobbyists. As we very well know, on shortwaves the most interesting stations are nowadays from radio people to radio people.

You weren't going to start a Pacific Service for listeners in New Zealand?
- If I wanted that, I'd asked a 16 mb frequency at 1000 UTC and... no sir, that wouldn't work.

What transmitter you use?
- Icom IC-735 or Kenwood TS-430.

What antennas do you use?
- A simple half wave dipole and a wire.

What do you broadcast?
- Music made before 1950. This is a small antique radio station. Also old time radio shows, American Forces Radio swing bands from wartime broadcasts, interviews, etc.

According to you, what was the first rock'n'roll record?
- Louis Jordan: Caldonia (1945).

What are those fuzzy buzzer sounds I hear?
- It is SSTV, method to transmit images encoded into sound. You can use SSTV decoder to see them. Images appear occasionally during transmission. (evey half an hour, perhaps.) If you are interested to use SSTV yourself, please remember that audio file must be uncompressed. Remote audio reception over internet or mp3 source file distorts the image.

Is this station legal?
- Unfortunately yes, meaning I need to use fixed frequencies and transmission dates. In summer 2024: every Saturday and Sunday on 3990, 5980 and 9770.

Do you have a frequent fixed schedule?
- No. This is just a hobby. I try to announce broadcast on this page a day before. I was planning to broadcast the show first on 9770, then on 5980, and finally on 3990. We will see.

Do you have a qsl card?
- eQSL to anybody who sends a correct reception report. Reports in email to

Is it expensive to run a shortwave station in Finland?
- Everything costs money. But not really.

Will you increase wattage and transmission hours some day?
- No. That would be Radio Mega, not Radio Piko. This is a low key operation. I am satisfied if someone listens sometimes.

How long will the station operate?
- License is valid till Sunday August 11. I thought this would be a summer project.